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it's all about SARAH
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19th-Feb-2006 05:25 pm - silly sarah
sometimes i wonder about how i gained a bit of weight recently. then i realize that it's from eat things like a ton of godiva chocolates all in one sitting.

but oh, was it worth it!
19th-Feb-2006 03:07 pm - Awesome
WOW! LJ sure is cool! I've joined a bunch of communities and posted some questions to a few. Things I've always wanted to know. This is so exciting! I should have joined LONG ago!

About me. I'm Jewish woman named Sarah. I love my name, despite the fact there are about a million Sarah's in the World. I work in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. I love working downtown. There are always people to look at, food to eat and things to do!

My age shall remain a secret, but I will tell you my birthday is June 6th.

I love to knit. Have you heard about Knitting Olympics? I'm doing it. Knitting Olympics was started by a woman in Canada. It's like the Olympics; we challenge ourselves to do our best work during the 16 days the real Olympics are going on. It's a really cool thing. There are about 2,400 Olympians competing in Turino and about 3,500+ doing Knitting Olympics! We started 2pm central time Friday February 10th (which was when the open ceremonies started in Italy). We have until closing ceremonies to start and complete a project. How cool is that!? I'm making a sweater. I have much of it done already. I'm really looking forward to finishing it.

About the Olympics, why in the hell is "Turin" known as Turino for the Olympics? I think it's so strange!
19th-Feb-2006 02:30 pm - A little bit of Sarah in the sun
I'm Sarah.

I am Jewish and totally awesome.

One day, I might to Kansas City. I could totally be a chiefs fan.

I am a HARDCORE Nebraska Husker fan!

I'm looking for awesome people here on LJ. Let's be friends.
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